Using the SwingRow app is simple. Just download it to your iPhone and set up your account. When you are ready to collect data, select Record and then either “Water” or “Erg”. Water sessions give you the option to record configuration information, e.g., boat class, seat, rigging, etc. You can edit this information before or after your row. Then slide the record button to the right. You are now collecting data. It will record data for up to 2 hours or until you shut it off by sliding the record button back to the left. Pay attention to the screen as it instructs you how to orient the phone for use.


The app is designed to work with the phone snugly held at the small of your back/top of your pelvis – effectively your beltline. To generate the highest quality data, always wear it at the same location.


We sell a rower waist-mounted wallet on our website store that we think works well for securing your phone at the small of your back. You can operate the touch display through the plastic screen. The wallet we sell is sweat and splash resistant but not waterproof, so you need to decide how much additional water protection you want to provide your phone if any. In our experience, the protections we afford the phone can be situation dependent with factors that include rower skill, boat class, workout, and weather. We will share our experience but you need to make your own choices that match your situation, phone, and risk profile. (For what it is worth, we have yet to damage or lose an iPhone after 2 years of intensive R&D and thousands of experiments with phones.)

Some additional info for your consideration: Apple advertises iPhone 7, 8, and X as water resistant with a rating that it can stay submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes.  There are numerous water-resistant/proof cases out there for purchase. We have used and had good experience with the LifeProof brand. As ineloquent as it appears, one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective water/moisture phone protections we have used is a snack-sized Ziplock bag.