We boldly and proudly claim leadership of new era of rowing. We call it Rowing 3.0. Here is how we think about it:

Rowing 1.0 (pre 20th century) People rowed primarily as a means of transportation. There wasn’t a lot of subtle precision associated with rowing. You pulled hard. Your “coach” might have carried a whip.

Rowing 2.0 (20th century to early 21st century) Coaches followed you around (as best that they could), watched different individuals (as best that they could), and shouted instructions to you (as best that they could). We all learned to row in this era, and we all appreciate that these environmental constraints make coaching inefficient at best and ineffective at worst. Moreover, the human dependencies, cost, and complexity make it difficult to scale human coaching efficiently.

Rowing 3.0 (present-day going forward) The fantastic growth and penetration of technology over the past several decades avail most of the modern world the use of smartphones and the internet. Combine these technologies with advances in machine learning and it is possible to develop effective coaching solutions that are computer-based.

Some will say what we are doing is misguided and will ruin the sport. We have heard it said that rowing demands feel not data. We know some coaches that hold the opinion that riding in launches and telling rowers what to do is the only way to coach effectively. We are rowers as well and appreciate all of that history. And for some rowers, rowing feel will be all that they choose to pursue. So please pursue the path that best fulfills your personal interests. We know that what we deliver will not be for everyone. But for those rowers that are seeking more coaching, we have some new tools for you and are simply aiming to add some new dimensions to your training.

Welcome to Rowing 3.0. Early adopters wanted!