The additional background that informs what we are doing and why…

  • HegTech is a bootstrapped, lean startup. Consistent with our mission statement (“Engineer better athletes”), we tend to apply an engineering mindset to problems and solutions. If more resources were available, HegTech would employ expertise in design, marketing, business, etc. to make a more polished product. We are introducing a 1.0 product and plan to iterate on the product as rapidly as possible. So, we explicitly invite you to share your thinking and wants with us. At HegTech are all about creative, collaborative problem-solving. And of course, if you know of any good designers, marketers, and business-people with a stomach for the entrepreneurial roller-coaster ride, please let us know about them too!

A little bit more background about each member of the team and the journey of discovery that they’ve been on…

  • Seth is HegTech’s “Chief Rowing Officer” for good reason: he has experienced and competed at the highest levels of rowing. Please review our YouTube channel to see some of what Seth brings. One of Seth’s unique perspectives is that he has learned there a lot of different ways to move boats effectively. HegTech is fortunate to have Seth’s rowing know-how and experience to help guide our efforts.
  • Colm brings to the team the required software development know-how that is nicely complemented by an industrial mechanical engineering background. He is our mobile app/database/cloud/backend/all-things-computer and IT, go-to guy. This startup experience has been a wild ride of discovery for Colm, and his devotion to the success of this effort is impressive.
  • Paul fills the roles of “rest of the team”. Paul draws on his expertise in R&D to formulate many of the high tech solution parts: most notably mechanics and dynamics, data analytics, and machine learning. Paul is the so-called product owner, so he owns the product decisions (particularly the bad ones).  Paul took up rowing about 10 years ago and his journey of discovery includes proudly serving as coach of the River City Rowing Club masters men team.
  • And finally, there are dozens of other people that have contributed to HegTech’s work. In no particular order, the ones with particularly substantive impact include Jason, Esther, Matt, Box, Kenny, Jessie, Jan, Isaac, and Kayleigh. To the RCRC men’s masters team that has willingly played the role of R&D guinea pig the past 2 years, HegTech owes you a debt a gratitude.